What is the Wild Woman’s Circle?

by Jenn Dinoia

You were Wild once. Don’t let them tame you. -Isadora Duncan

Have you lost touch with your Wild Woman?

What is the Wild Woman?

She is the part of you that makes you sing.

She is your innate Spirit that is completely free.
She is the woman that is authentic and has the courage to follow the beat of her own drum.
The Divine Feminine is in each woman, a beautiful shining Goddess that wants to share her gifts with the world.
What inspires you?
What brings you joy and peace in your heart? Start to follow that inner knowing and more and more you will nourish your Wild Woman.
For me, and many women, dancing is a primal and full bodied manner to connect to what makes one’s heart sparkle with joy. Dancing allows you to express the full spectrum of your emotions.
For other women, sitting in nature is the key to grounding them to their origins.
The ways we connect to our Wild Woman are various: music, cooking, painting, quiet time, meditation, surfing, watching football, yoga, running, passionate love-making, going to live rocking concerts, gardening, knitting, playing the drums, singing, sewing, hiking, riding horses…and let’s not forget juggling! The list is endless.

What is the Wild Woman’s Circle?

People are always intrigued with the WWC and often ask me, so what happens during these circles. hmm. Thus far no nudity, drugs, orgies or anything “wild” like that has happened. We are Wild in a much more profound way. We speak our truths and allow our sisters to step into their power.

As the name indicates, a circle is formed…of, yes, women. The women are strong, graceful and come from various backgrounds and ages.

We come to nourish and connect with the Divine Feminine and our Wild Woman. The circle is a safe, sacred space to share, reflect and support our Sisters.

We begin by sharing a potluck meal made with love. It’s important to connect with your tribe and food is such a fundamental way to build community.

My role is to facilitate the circle and hold space. I pick a topic for each circle and ask questions that each sister answers. I also lead a meditation and breathing exercise. Sisters may share a song, dance or a topic that is touching their heart and we flow with what the group wants to dive deeply into.

I love all of the women who come and would like even older Wild Women to come. My dream is to have an 80 year old join us. There is so much wisdom from our Elders and it is a shame our society doesn’t give them the respect they so deserve.

A question we always ask during the circle is how can we support you so that you may reach your highest potential?
The participants always leave the circle feeling uplifted and more inspired to face their week.
I look forward to seeing you at the next WW Circle and remember to stay WILD!

Jennifer Dinoia

the next Wild Woman’s Circle is Tuesday December 9th: Emotional Balance, 7-8:30pm

To learn more about The Wild Woman please read Women Who Run with the Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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