Come On Baby Light My Fire

by Jenny Dinoia


Lately with the cold evenings, I have been making fires with family and friends and enjoying the simple pleasures of watching the miracle of the flames dancing wildly in my fireplace.

You put old paper, pieces of wood, and voila, fierce flames magically appear in glorious shapes and colors. Fierey flames in bright oranges, specks of blue, fierce whites, deep ambers, bright yellows… all amaze my eyes with their beauty and aliveness.

The flames mingle and crackle. The remnants of the wood glow like lava.

There is a transformation: something becomes fire and heat and then becomes smoke and goes up into the sky beyond the beyond.

Fire is also constructive. It generates light, warmth and beauty.

Fire in excess however is also deeply destructive. It can destroy homes, entire villages and forests. Destruction and death allows room for birth and space for the new. Fire is a great metaphor for the release of what didn’t serve you in 2014 and the opportunity to usher in the birth of the new in 2015.

Fire allows us to see the possibility of freshness and possibilities for the year to come.

Let us give ourselves permission to let go and release, both physically and emotionally, that which does not serve us and welcome new adventure, friendships, love, vitality and peace for 2015!

Fire, according to Divine Spiritual Wisdom, is a reflection of the Sun and the Father/Male energy. In excess, it brings anger. However, with the right balance, it gives you energy to get a great deal accomplished, be magnetic, loyal, and love  yourself and others.

Fire is a Wild element. It is not by its nature a tame force. Let us harness the amazing power of Fire in the New Year to harness the divine fire of love n our hearts, warmth and the ability to transform into our most authentic selves for the highest good of all.

Until the next time and remember to stay WILD!



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