Live In The Sunshine

by Jenny Dinoia

In Naam Yoga we strive to be like the Sun: to shine bright and be of service regardless of gender, class, age or religion.

There are so many simple and effective tools you can do daily to be like the Sun:  generous, creative, abundant, able to take on big projects and sexy hawt!

For one thing, start your day and have the first thing you look at remind you of the Sun. Perhaps buy sunflowers and place them by your bed stand. Have a picture of a beautiful sunset  by your bathroom mirror and have its beautiful image inspire you as you brush your teeth in the morning.

Some folks are forest people and love to go camping. Some enjoy the desert I hear. Personally, I have always been a beach girl. I grew up spending my summers on the French Riviera playing with my cousins in the Mediterranean sea and laying on the beach all day.

The Sun, in moderation, is not bad for you, as some doctors may claim. Lack of sunshine causes Vitamin D deficiency and depression.

The Sun, when the dose is right, is extremely healing and uplifting. We all know how the warmth of the Sun’s rays on one’s skin feels soothing, relaxing and energizing.

Here are two tools you can start to implement right away to receive the incredible benefits of the Sun.

1)Sun Bath:

A Sun Bath is basically like sun tanning only you stay 10-15 minutes on one side and then flip over and expose the skin of the other side. Ideally you expose the bare skin on the back, especially the spine and the nape of the neck. Do not multi task but simply breathe in the healing rays of the sun and exhale the warmth out. You can add the internal smile image on the exhale as well to the body part of your choice. (to learn more about the internal smile, please read Mantok Chia’s work)

Laying out naked, will give you the maximum benefits, but be practical and even if it’s just your face and hands you still are receiving many benefits.

2) Shaking Exercise ( palms and third eye facing the Sun/sky.)

When I lived in Paris, I literally didn’t see the Sun for months on end. One exercise I would do almost every morning is the shaking exercise.

It is so simple and so effective and is highly effective at fighting seasonal depression.

Go outside before ten am and face your palms to the sky. Shake your whole body. You will receive the light from the sky into your palms and third eye. Even if it’s freezing and other folks look at you like you are very strange, keep shaking for 1-5 minutes. By the end, I guarantee you will feel more uplifted and full of light.

We all know how the weather changes our disposition. We all feel happier when the weather is pleasant out and can understand getting winter blues from time to time.

The secret to working with the Sun is to remember to work with it even when it is grey outside. The Sun may be invisible to the naked eye but its warmth and loving touch is just as potent as the love of a long distant friend. Even though you can not see your friend or the Sun, their love/benefits are still there. It is precisely during the Winter months that you must be more diligent in working with the healing power of the Sun.

As Spring approaches and the days get longer, spend time working with the Sun. It is a simple and powerful tool available to every man, woman and child to heal and thrive.

Until the next time and remember to stay WILD.



To read more about Mastering the Invisible Sunlight Fluid for Healing and Spiritual Growth please read

The Healing Fire of Heaven by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry available at

Stay tuned for my next blog next week where I talk about the most important health discovery yet: Earthing

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