When was the last time you felt the beach sand between your toes?

Earthing- The most important health discovery ever?

by Jenny Dinoia

Last weekend I had the blessing to take a trip to La to study Naam Yoga and connect with old and new friends.

My favorite part of the trip was during a leisurely stroll along the beach in Santa Monica. The warm sand touching my bare feet left me feeling revitalized and with a deep connection with Source.

We have all felt this innate sense of well-being after a barefoot walk along the beach. Is it merely the beauty that surrounds us? The fact we often do not have an agenda or a cell phone by our ears?

Perhaps, there is actual science behind this feel good sensation.

Yup, there is.

Many of you may be aware of the power of Earthing (when your skin’s surface touches the Earth: sand, grass, dirt, even concrete).

For those who have not heard of the power and science behind Earthing, I highly recommend you check out Earthing by Clint Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra M.D., and Martin Zucker.

Earthing, is so simple, yet also incredibly effective.

Earthing reduces pain and stress by allowing your body to be infused with the Earth’s omni-present and ever present healing energy.

In my last blog, I discussed the healing power of the Sun. Equally important is the healing power from Mother Earth or grounding. Here is a quote from Clint Ober’s book Earthing:

“Exposure to sunlight produces vitamin D in the body. It’s needed for health. Exposure to the ground provides an electrical “nutrient” in the form of electrons. Think of these electrons as vitamin G-G for ground. Just like vitamin D, you need vitamin G for your health as well.”

So, how and why is Earthing so healing?

Earthing basically reduces inflammation in your body because we are electrical beings. The Earth’s surface is negatively charged and when we come into contact with the Earth our bodies become infused with negative-charged free electrons abundantly present on the Earth’s surface. This results in reducing inflammation. Inflammation is one of the qualities found in most disorders.

Earthing helps to reduce and heal:




sexual dysfunction

muscle soreness

blood flow problems and many other dysfunctions.

It also produces a general feeling of well-being.

Now, let’s say you live in a cold climate or do not have access or time to ground daily or regularly. Not to worry.

The Longevity Warehouse sells Earthing mats, sheets (great for travel) and other gadgets so you can receive the benefits of Earthing even when you are inside. (visit longevitywarehouse.com for more info)

Now that Spring is approaching take your shoes off as much as possible and get yourself to the beach and take a stroll. It’s extremely healing and doesn’t cost you a penny.

Until the next time and remember to stay WILD!


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