The Healing Power of Sound

by Jennifer Dinoia

March/April 2015

Last week, I  had the blessing to be in Hawaii, listening to the birds chirp, the wind sway the branches of the coconut trees, the waves in the ocean, the trickling of water from a river, the splashing of waterfalls…

While visiting my friend Lola in Maui we were blessed to be disconnected from city life for the most part. Limited cell reception or internet connection time. I consciously wanted to disconnect from technology.

Every morning, while with Lola and her generous family we practiced Naam mixed in with some Gyrokinesis ( This week I have been particularly digging staying in forward fold pose.

All postures where the head is below the heart allows you to get in touch with the subtle voice of the heart. The mind can be quiet for a moment and surrender to the wisdom that resides in the heart.

As Dr. Levry states, the heart is the city of light. It holds the wisdom to what your soul sings for.

The Wild Woman is whatever makes your soul sing. (see my blog on What is the Wild Woman?). It could be walks in nature, Gyrokinesis, Naam Yoga, taking a bath with essential oils, cooking or let’s not forget the simple act of sitting and breathing and listening to the birds sing!

Practicing silence and listening is “Wild” too. What are the sounds that surround you? We all have our shadows of doubts, fears and insecurities. Sometimes the hectic life with technology, concrete and relationship drama makes these sounds more like a static storm that causes a migraine.

Tap into the sounds of nature when you can and slow down to the art of listening.

Listening has been a skill I have been working on these past few years. Why not start with even just 3 minutes of meditating when you wake up to find your inner calm.

Take time out of your day to walk in nature, even if it’s just your local park. Try and go to the beach with no agenda besides listening to the healing sounds of the waves crashing on the shore. Worst case scenario play sounds from nature before going to sleep to help quiet the mind.

Breathing, or the practice of pranayama, is another powerful tool to calm the mind because the mind follows the breath and the breath follows the mind. There are so many breathing exercises but a simple one to start with is simply observing your breath while lying down. I recommend placing a big, heavy book on your belly so you can observe it rising and falling. Most people breath, shallow breaths in their chests. This rapid, shallow breathing results in stress and anxiety. Deepen your breath and listen to the subtle sound of your breath.

If you can’t lie down with a heavy book on hand, try just observing your breath for 10 cycles. It is a quick and efficient way to find your inner zen and internal nature sounds.

So, I invite you whether you are in the paradise of Hawaii, the hustle and bussle of New York City or Cairo to spend time listening to your environment. If the sounds lack harmony try changing the environment.
The sounds we allow into our brain can either be like an internal massage or a headache.
Breath. Listen and Live in the LIght.
Aloha and remember to stay WILD!
Until the next time,

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