Top ten tips to have the best sleep ever and to have the best flight ever!

How to have the best sleep ever and create a sleep sanctuary

1. Make love before going to sleep.

2. Make your bedroom a space dedicated for sleep and intimacy only. Keep entertainment and work for another space in your home.

3. Make room as dark as possible. Invest in curtains that shut out as much light as possible.

4. Turn off all electronics 2 hours before going to sleep. Have you tried reading book or taking a walk or talking with your partner/ house mates?

5. Take a shower at night. Let the worries of the day melt away.

6. Practice left nostril breathing for 11 minutes before going to sleep. This will calm your mind.

7. Review your day backwards and mentally take a note on what worked and also what could have improved.

8. Make a gratitude list of 7 things you are grateful for.

9. Sleep naked or a nightgown with natural fibers.

10. Stay cool. Open your windows and have less blankets than usual. The body sleeps better when the temperatures are slightly cooler.

Extra tip: try diffusing essential oils to make room smell nice and calming. I enjoy lavender from living libations but use what you have and feel drawn to.

Top ten tips to have the best flight ever and avoid jet lag.

1. Fly first class. Yes!

2. Stay hydrated with the best water ever. After you pass security, invest in a bottle in glass that you can often find at the bar. While on the flight don’t be shy to ask for as much water as you desire.

3. Get up often to stretch your legs and body in the aisles.

4. Pack healthy snacks for your flight like nuts, goji berries. You can also use this time to fast and give your digestive system a break.

5. About 15 minutes before landing, close your eyes and gently press one hand around each digit. Start with one hand, then switch to the other. Squeeze each finger for about a minute. This is a grounding meditation that I love.

6. Once off the flight get as much sunlight as possible so you can get your body accustomed to the time change. Take a walk and expose your body to the sun.

7. Get grounded. (Read my blog titled: When was the last time your toes touched beach sand? I discuss the benefits of Earthing)

8.Plan ahead  so that after your flight lands  you can go to a nearby store and stock upfor some real food (vs. eating out constantly).

9. Laugh and have fun in the process:

-talk with your neighbor on the flight

-watch some films

-read something you wouldn’t normally read but might enjoy

10.  Be gentle on yourself in your transition to a new place, time zone perhaps and maybe even a new language!

Extra tip:

Get a massage once off the flight and definitely exercise the next day, even if it’s twenty minutes in your hotel room.


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