Another 365 Day Journey Around the Sun

A birthday is just the first day of another 365 journey around the Sun.

Enjoy the ride.

Birthdays. Pretty fun when you are 6. Not so fun at 56 huh?

This past week I entered my Sun period and celebrated 38 rotations around the Sun.

In Naam Yoga there are 7 periods that organize the yearly calendar based on the 7 creative planets. The founder of Naam Yoga, Dr. Levry, wrote an exquisite book titled Lifting the Veil. In this book Dr. Levry clearly explains how the Universe works according to time and space. (to order the book visit

The 52 days following your birthday is considered your Sun period full of opportunities and blessings.

The 52 days before your birthday is considered your Saturn period which is also a beautiful and magical time.

During the Saturn time your intuition and wisdom is heightened as you increase your meditation practice and valuable time for solace to go within and withdraw from the busy world.

Being in the “Sun” of parties, socializing, travel and being in the spotlight is fun and a wonderful part of life. Equally valuable is our quiet time to reflect, to spend time alone with yourself and to draw late at night to music that moves your soul.

What a joy to have the green light to stay at home, meditate for an extra hour for no other reason than you feel like it!

The Saturn period is just as wonderful as the Sun but birthdays as you get older seem to get more prickly with time. 38 doesn’t feel as awesome as 21 did…Deep reflection can sink in the few days before your Sun period arrives. You evaluate where your life is going and what changes you want to make.

This birthday made me think about Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan. The Wild Woman’s Circle studied this easy read book in May/June of 2014. Mutant Message Down Under is the fictional account of an American woman’s spiritual odyssey through outback Australia.

The Australian tribe in the book did not celebrate birthdays. Instead they celebrated important rites of passage such as a child’s first hunting trip, a marriage, a woman’s first moon cycle, the change in one’s name that reflects a new calling in life…

As I reflect back on my life it was my life’s landmarks such as choreographing my first show, starting my Gyrotonic teaching work or other pivitol moments that marked my life and were worthy of celebration. Not my 26th birthday nor my 38th! Yes, it’s always fun to have a reason to celebrate. And who in their right mind would say no to cake, presents and tons of gifted drinks and dinners. I now celebrate for the whole month by the way. So if you forgot, no worries. I keep on celebrating until mid August. You can make donations to or any cause for the environment, children’s rights, Respect The Sea!!! I am also a fan of fun socks and bees wax candles! Just sayin…

So, let us celebrate birthdays AND becoming a woman, weddings, a friends first album release party, house-warming party or hiking up a mountain after months of training.

We all need ritual, order and a sense that our life follows a cycle, whether these cycles are arbitrary, like January first and Christmas or connected to the Universe like Solstices and Full and New Moon Rituals. Rituals bring healing and unity to communities.

May you enjoy all rituals both big and small. May you celebrate all of life’s joyous birthdays and the rising of the Sun each day in your heart. Enjoy your stamina and enjoy your stillness. Enjoy your happiness and your sorrows.

Thank you for reading and remember to stay WILD!

Until the next time,


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