The Splendor of Harmonyum Healing

The Splendor of Harmonyum Healing

by Jenny Dinoia

I have been a Harmonyum Practitioner for about 5 years. I have resisted writing about Harmonyum because it is hard to put the right words down on paper that give this healing system the justice it deserves. The system is also the closest thing to magic I have ever experienced. It truly is magical in the sense that I am in true wonder of how the healing works exactly and can only be in humblest gratitude to Dr. Levry for bringing this wisdom to the masses. I am in gratitude each time I give a session as I know I am so lucky to have been graced to hold the mystical essence of Harmonyum Healing in my heart and be able to extend the love out through my hands into my clients. I am so blessed to experience the indescribable feelings of peace, harmony and uplifted, divine, blissful light through the seed of Naam and Harmonyum Healing.

The Divine by definition is beyond understanding. You cannot describe the totality of G.d. In one scripture or story in the Torah it says that if you were to see the face of G.d you could not survive and live. When Moses was about to see G.d’s face, G.d had to hide his face so as to spare Moses’ life. I feel like Harmonyum is similar to a certain extent. Yes, I have read many articles and heard Dr. Levry (the founder of Harmonyum Healing)  speak to the wonders of Harmonyum, why it works, etc. but I know there is more. If I were to understand Harmonyum completely and the details of how it works, I surely could not survive because the light would be too damn bright! Harmonyum in one sentence is a divine healing system. Divine meaning of G.d. and that which is of G.d is beyond the beyond…

I remember after my 3 day Harmonyum training with Dr. Levry in New York City, I returned to Paris, where I was teaching at the time. I was working on completing my Harmonyum hours and was constantly talking about this amazing system. I freely gave as many sessions as I could and share this simple yet powerful healing bodywork technique.

After I completed my hours however, I found I only gave a session every few months on average with a weekly client sporadically seeking treatment for a chronic issue or help with a disease or disorder.

After a few months off from giving a session, I sometimes wondered if I still had “it”, that certain “je ne sais quoi”, that allows me to be a conduit for the healing light from the Sun to enter the client. This alchemy between me, the client and the Sun is truly beyond words. By the grace of Ashem, I never gave a season where that “it” wasn’t present. Still to this day, each time I give a session, I am in true awe of the magic this system holds. I feel off the planet and in a state like I am no longer myself, almost as if I morph into the essence of a pink cloud that floats and can dance into different shapes and even colors.

Frequently asked questions and details about Harmonyum:

The sessions last 55 minutes. They are given during a specific time of day based on the birthday of the client. The client lays on his or her belly for most of the session. Sessions are often given on a massage table but any firm surface will do. The client keeps their clothes on but removes bras/belts if possible. The practitioner does some preparation movements that are quite repetitive. The spiral section, where the Harmonyum practitioner draws increasingly smaller spirals along the spine, is where the client has their DNA patterning match the rhythm of nature and the self-healing mechanisms can start to pump into the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies.

The preparation prayers are extremely sacred and a Harmonyum Practitioner is in constant prayer during the session as well. I am very grateful for my current and past Harmonyum clients. So, I finally realized, maybe I don’t have to write the best blog or article on what Harmonyum is. Below are some wise words by Dr. Levry (a.k.a. Gurunam). I also included some testimonials from a few of my clients and some information about the next Harmonyum training near L.A.. There are now Harmonyum Practitioners in most major cities in the U.S. and Mexico, across Europe and it is spreading quickly.

Please try a session soon if you feel drawn to the system in any way. “Harmonyum Healing System” which works on the body’s natural processes can be used to accelerate the healing process. Harmonyum can help restore proper balance by taking care of the agents of self-created disease .

According to the sacred science, the individual is both the cause and the cure of his/her state of health or disease. In other words, we are fully responsible for causing and curing disease. Therefore, the Harmonyum recipient is a full participant in the process.  We need to synchronize our energy with the rhythm of nature, for rhythm is the sign of life that produces an incomparable ecstasy. The wonders of Nature operate with exactitude by following a divine order and rhythm. Nature’s harmonious order is apparent in the movement of the planets, the workings of the sun and moon, and the blooming of the spring flower. Rhythm is innate in man. Our success and failures, health and disease, rights and wrongs, can all be linked to a change in rhythm. Indeed, every rhythm has a certain effect on the physical and mental bodies, as well as one’s affairs. A rhythmic break in one of the systems causes what we call disease. This is the first principle we must understand: illness is nothing more than a rhythmic disharmony that leads to mental, emotional and /or physical disturbance. Disharmony and illness attract additional disharmony and illness. When we synchronize with nature, however, the harmony of divine rhythm enters our lives. Harmonyum brings synchronicity between us and nature.
“Harmonyum is the highway that leads to harmony. Receiving Harmonyum is essential for maintaining proper health, as it purifies the system. It can be used to cure heart problems, arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders, asthma, diabetes and other nervous disorders. Moreover, receiving Harmonyum causes positive changes in the electromagnetic activity of the brain, which eases mental disorders of all kinds, including depression and addiction, enhances concentration and memory, imparts wisdom and intelligence, and cures insomnia. Harmonyum energizes the system, and treatments are particularly helpful for those who feel nervous, stressed, tired and weak. Harmonyum lends the recipient feelings of courage, strength, peace and tranquility. After a treatment, the eyes shine with the brightness of a life current that is circulating through the body optimally.”
–Dr. Joseph Michael Levry founder of the Harmonyum Healing System


“Harmonyum Healing is a beautiful healing practice. It brought me to a place of ease and peace in my body and in my life. And I always got off the table feeling a sense of pure joy, an amazing sensation. Jenn is an absolutely wonderful practitioner. She is very warm, kind, and extremely knowledgable. Sessions with her are truly life changing.”
–Kara Reagan

“My Harmonyum sessions with Jenn were my first experience with the practice. I was actually a little skeptical at first but was interested in finding something that would help me relax so I gave it a shot. I was amazed at the results! Jenn is clearly great at what she does and I ended up more relaxed and refreshed than I could have imagined. Although during the sessions I am fully awake, my mind goes blank–my worries and concerns just melt away. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to relax, center themselves and calm their mind.”
–Matteas Hawkins

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