The Splendor of Harmonyum Healing

The Splendor of Harmonyum Healing

by Jenny Dinoia

I have been a Harmonyum Practitioner for about 5 years. I have resisted writing about Harmonyum because it is hard to put the right words down on paper that give this healing system the justice it deserves. The system is also the closest thing to magic I have ever experienced. It truly is magical in the sense that I am in true wonder of how the healing works exactly and can only be in humblest gratitude to Dr. Levry for bringing this wisdom to the masses. I am in gratitude each time I give a session as I know I am so lucky to have been graced to hold the mystical essence of Harmonyum Healing in my heart and be able to extend the love out through my hands into my clients. I am so blessed to experience the indescribable feelings of peace, harmony and uplifted, divine, blissful light through the seed of Naam and Harmonyum Healing.

The Divine by definition is beyond understanding. You cannot describe the totality of G.d. In one scripture or story in the Torah it says that if you were to see the face of G.d you could not survive and live. When Moses was about to see G.d’s face, G.d had to hide his face so as to spare Moses’ life. I feel like Harmonyum is similar to a certain extent. Yes, I have read many articles and heard Dr. Levry (the founder of Harmonyum Healing)  speak to the wonders of Harmonyum, why it works, etc. but I know there is more. If I were to understand Harmonyum completely and the details of how it works, I surely could not survive because the light would be too damn bright! Harmonyum in one sentence is a divine healing system. Divine meaning of G.d. and that which is of G.d is beyond the beyond…

I remember after my 3 day Harmonyum training with Dr. Levry in New York City, I returned to Paris, where I was teaching at the time. I was working on completing my Harmonyum hours and was constantly talking about this amazing system. I freely gave as many sessions as I could and share this simple yet powerful healing bodywork technique.

After I completed my hours however, I found I only gave a session every few months on average with a weekly client sporadically seeking treatment for a chronic issue or help with a disease or disorder.

After a few months off from giving a session, I sometimes wondered if I still had “it”, that certain “je ne sais quoi”, that allows me to be a conduit for the healing light from the Sun to enter the client. This alchemy between me, the client and the Sun is truly beyond words. By the grace of Ashem, I never gave a season where that “it” wasn’t present. Still to this day, each time I give a session, I am in true awe of the magic this system holds. I feel off the planet and in a state like I am no longer myself, almost as if I morph into the essence of a pink cloud that floats and can dance into different shapes and even colors.

Frequently asked questions and details about Harmonyum:

The sessions last 55 minutes. They are given during a specific time of day based on the birthday of the client. The client lays on his or her belly for most of the session. Sessions are often given on a massage table but any firm surface will do. The client keeps their clothes on but removes bras/belts if possible. The practitioner does some preparation movements that are quite repetitive. The spiral section, where the Harmonyum practitioner draws increasingly smaller spirals along the spine, is where the client has their DNA patterning match the rhythm of nature and the self-healing mechanisms can start to pump into the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies.

The preparation prayers are extremely sacred and a Harmonyum Practitioner is in constant prayer during the session as well. I am very grateful for my current and past Harmonyum clients. So, I finally realized, maybe I don’t have to write the best blog or article on what Harmonyum is. Below are some wise words by Dr. Levry (a.k.a. Gurunam). I also included some testimonials from a few of my clients and some information about the next Harmonyum training near L.A.. There are now Harmonyum Practitioners in most major cities in the U.S. and Mexico, across Europe and it is spreading quickly.

Please try a session soon if you feel drawn to the system in any way. “Harmonyum Healing System” which works on the body’s natural processes can be used to accelerate the healing process. Harmonyum can help restore proper balance by taking care of the agents of self-created disease .

According to the sacred science, the individual is both the cause and the cure of his/her state of health or disease. In other words, we are fully responsible for causing and curing disease. Therefore, the Harmonyum recipient is a full participant in the process.  We need to synchronize our energy with the rhythm of nature, for rhythm is the sign of life that produces an incomparable ecstasy. The wonders of Nature operate with exactitude by following a divine order and rhythm. Nature’s harmonious order is apparent in the movement of the planets, the workings of the sun and moon, and the blooming of the spring flower. Rhythm is innate in man. Our success and failures, health and disease, rights and wrongs, can all be linked to a change in rhythm. Indeed, every rhythm has a certain effect on the physical and mental bodies, as well as one’s affairs. A rhythmic break in one of the systems causes what we call disease. This is the first principle we must understand: illness is nothing more than a rhythmic disharmony that leads to mental, emotional and /or physical disturbance. Disharmony and illness attract additional disharmony and illness. When we synchronize with nature, however, the harmony of divine rhythm enters our lives. Harmonyum brings synchronicity between us and nature.
“Harmonyum is the highway that leads to harmony. Receiving Harmonyum is essential for maintaining proper health, as it purifies the system. It can be used to cure heart problems, arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders, asthma, diabetes and other nervous disorders. Moreover, receiving Harmonyum causes positive changes in the electromagnetic activity of the brain, which eases mental disorders of all kinds, including depression and addiction, enhances concentration and memory, imparts wisdom and intelligence, and cures insomnia. Harmonyum energizes the system, and treatments are particularly helpful for those who feel nervous, stressed, tired and weak. Harmonyum lends the recipient feelings of courage, strength, peace and tranquility. After a treatment, the eyes shine with the brightness of a life current that is circulating through the body optimally.”
–Dr. Joseph Michael Levry founder of the Harmonyum Healing System


“Harmonyum Healing is a beautiful healing practice. It brought me to a place of ease and peace in my body and in my life. And I always got off the table feeling a sense of pure joy, an amazing sensation. Jenn is an absolutely wonderful practitioner. She is very warm, kind, and extremely knowledgable. Sessions with her are truly life changing.”
–Kara Reagan

“My Harmonyum sessions with Jenn were my first experience with the practice. I was actually a little skeptical at first but was interested in finding something that would help me relax so I gave it a shot. I was amazed at the results! Jenn is clearly great at what she does and I ended up more relaxed and refreshed than I could have imagined. Although during the sessions I am fully awake, my mind goes blank–my worries and concerns just melt away. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to relax, center themselves and calm their mind.”
–Matteas Hawkins

Don’t Talk To Me Until I Have Had My Meditation

Don’t talk to me until I have had my meditation
by Jennifer Dinoia

Don’t talk to me until I have had my meditation. How many times have you heard someone say that? Depending on your circle of friends and contacts perhaps never, perhaps a handful of times or perhaps it is something you hear your boyfriend say every morning.

Now, let me ask you, how many times have you heard someone say, “Don’t talk to me until I have had my coffee.” Or “I can’t function without my morning coffee.”? My guess is, you have probably heard this from several people on more than one occasion.

Our society values productivity and high performance. Caffeine induced beverages such as tea, red bull and coffee are growing in popularity to meet the ever increasing pace of society.

Agreed, coffee can be one of life’s simple pleasures. We all love the taste, the aroma and can identify with relying on coffee to combat morning grogginess.

Yet, I also relate to the need for my morning meditation practice before I function for the day.
As any longtime practitioner can attest, they see a noticeable difference in their day when they skip their meditation practice. Skipping those valuable minutes of meditation makes you feel a little off kilter, similar to that feeling of being not quite “awake” until your “cup of Joe” kicks in.

Why is a meditation practice so important?

Scientific studies have shown the dozens of benefits of this thousand year old practice. These benefits include:
-increased awareness

-increased compassion for others

-decreased levels of anxiety

-increased test scores in children

-decreased levels of pain for cancer patients
Meditation allows you to establish a witness to the monkey mind and be more aware, compassionate and loving.
My personnel experience with Naam meditation, which uses the science of sound to open the heart, is that instead of being two steps behind and trying to catch up with life, I am more grounded and the day flows much smoother. Even if there are many challenges, there is a grace to the day and I can stay calm amidst the storm. With time, meditation fosters an effortless inner silence and deeper states of consciousness.

What is meditation?

Meditation is a practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or for the mind to simply acknowledge its content without becoming identified with that content, or as an end in itself. (Wikipedia). Confusing right? No wonder people are intimidated. Before I started a “real” practice, I imagined meditation to be sitting still for a long time in lotus posture and not thinking and you had to be calm.
The truth is, it can take many forms and can be done a variety of ways.
Here is a list of some meditation techniques:
Vipassana, Gazing meditation such as staring at the flame of a candle, Sound meditation (Nada Yoga), walking in nature, transcendental meditation, Zen meditation, Tantra, pranayama (a Sanskrit word meaning “extension of the prana or breath” or “extension of the life force”. Yogic breathing exercises and observation of the breath are pranayama. Pranayama is not exactly meditation but a fantastic tool to calm the mind and combine with your meditation practice), Taoist meditation, Mantra meditation, Kundalini meditation, Naam or japa meditation, loving kindness meditation or Metta meditation and the list goes on.

The “best” meditation is the meditation that works for you, in this moment.
I began my meditation practice as a child before I knew I was meditating. I was mesmerized with candles when I was younger and loved staring at the dancing light and observe the magical colors the flame possessed depending on its height.

Years later, I began with three minutes of starring at my hands while in the shower (please read my first blog about how I got into Naam Yoga to learn more about this meditation). I now start my day with chanting followed by 11 minutes of pranayama.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” –Mark Twain

Why does chanting work so well?

Naam Meditation is a science. It is the science of sound and light to heal and uplift humanity. It is the science of self-healing. How does Naam Yoga do this? There are 84 meridian points on the upper palate. When chanting, the tongue stimulates these points. This in turn stimulates the hypothalamus which effects the pineal gland. The pineal gland then effects the pituitary gland which makes the entire glandular system secrete. After only a few minutes of chanting you go from the sympathetic nervous system, which is related to the fight and flight state, to the parasympathetic nervous system. The PNS (parasympathetic nervous system) is where we feel safe and can relax. After meditating it is no wonder we feel good. We are in the right state literally!

Naam Yoga uses sound to heal. Sound unifies all people. Divine sound can heal the heart and mind through the healing fire of love. All people need love and love heals diseases and brings harmony where there was once disharmony.

Dr. Levry, founder of the Harmonyum Healing System, merged many disciplines and continues to work tirelessly to spread Naam Yoga across the globe. He says in his most recent interview, in honor of International Yoga Day, “Naam Yoga is a universal form of yoga which is based on the power of sound. Sound is the most powerful and fastest way to unite with G.d. ”

Try a style of meditation, whether it is Naam meditation or staring at the flame of a candle for a few minutes before you go to sleep or another style you are drawn to and make it a practice.

Whatever you do, please don’t make meditation something you must do right. It is a practice and a journey not something you score well on or can measure like how high you can jump. Sure, there are techniques such as posture, best time of day etc. but please be loving towards yourself in the process. You do not want to create more judgments towards yourself as you tackle a new activity.

Fostering loving-kindness and seeing the interconnectedness of everything is one of the by products of meditation. If you are judging yourself and saying, “I’m not good enough” or “”I’m not doing it right.” then you are missing the point.

Compliance is the most important step in improving your health and making progress. Rarely do we lack the knowledge to begin. What we lack is the discipline to take daily action: to practice. And that is all meditation is: a practice.

When I wake up and meditate, I just sit and do it. Some days I feel the experience one way and the next day it may feel completely different. I don’t put weight on how I performed. I put value on whether I showed up.

And the point is to begin. The point is to make it a practice. A practice that is so strong that you gently assert, “Don’t talk to me before my meditation.”

For those new to meditation and curious how to begin please e-mail me at: or call me at 917-450-0733 to schedule a private consultation.

Top ten tips to have the best sleep ever and to have the best flight ever!

How to have the best sleep ever and create a sleep sanctuary

1. Make love before going to sleep.

2. Make your bedroom a space dedicated for sleep and intimacy only. Keep entertainment and work for another space in your home.

3. Make room as dark as possible. Invest in curtains that shut out as much light as possible.

4. Turn off all electronics 2 hours before going to sleep. Have you tried reading book or taking a walk or talking with your partner/ house mates?

5. Take a shower at night. Let the worries of the day melt away.

6. Practice left nostril breathing for 11 minutes before going to sleep. This will calm your mind.

7. Review your day backwards and mentally take a note on what worked and also what could have improved.

8. Make a gratitude list of 7 things you are grateful for.

9. Sleep naked or a nightgown with natural fibers.

10. Stay cool. Open your windows and have less blankets than usual. The body sleeps better when the temperatures are slightly cooler.

Extra tip: try diffusing essential oils to make room smell nice and calming. I enjoy lavender from living libations but use what you have and feel drawn to.

Top ten tips to have the best flight ever and avoid jet lag.

1. Fly first class. Yes!

2. Stay hydrated with the best water ever. After you pass security, invest in a bottle in glass that you can often find at the bar. While on the flight don’t be shy to ask for as much water as you desire.

3. Get up often to stretch your legs and body in the aisles.

4. Pack healthy snacks for your flight like nuts, goji berries. You can also use this time to fast and give your digestive system a break.

5. About 15 minutes before landing, close your eyes and gently press one hand around each digit. Start with one hand, then switch to the other. Squeeze each finger for about a minute. This is a grounding meditation that I love.

6. Once off the flight get as much sunlight as possible so you can get your body accustomed to the time change. Take a walk and expose your body to the sun.

7. Get grounded. (Read my blog titled: When was the last time your toes touched beach sand? I discuss the benefits of Earthing)

8.Plan ahead  so that after your flight lands  you can go to a nearby store and stock upfor some real food (vs. eating out constantly).

9. Laugh and have fun in the process:

-talk with your neighbor on the flight

-watch some films

-read something you wouldn’t normally read but might enjoy

10.  Be gentle on yourself in your transition to a new place, time zone perhaps and maybe even a new language!

Extra tip:

Get a massage once off the flight and definitely exercise the next day, even if it’s twenty minutes in your hotel room.


Do you wear clothes that empower you?

Happy New Moon!

Today you are going to hear something that some of you learned before you could walk or even remember. While others, like myself, just recently started implementing these tools. While still others will learn even later in life, if ever. This has been my most recent aha moment and even though we may “know” something for decades, it sometimes takes that tipping point before you actually make changes in your life.

How many of you have closets full of items you never wear or haven’t worn in years? How many of you leave the house looking less than stunning, feeling just average? How many of you do not pay attention to the clothes you wear, the colors you wear and the image you are sending to your communities?

“Ah, I don’t care about that. I don’t have time. I’m too busy living my busy life for that. Those concerns are for superficial folks focused on material things and I don’t judge people by how people dress.” That used to be my attitude.

I knew I looked better, by most people’s standards, when I wore make-up, put a cute dress and heels on etc. I knew when I wore new, matching clothes I received more respect at stores etc..

I, like many SF folks grew up where looking “polished” and put together was never a focus. I have often been told I should dress better or get rid of that old blablabla, or wow you look so pretty in a dress. I thought they were being silly and superficial and that as long as the functionality was there i.e.: the sweater kept me warm, it didn’t matter if it had holes and a stain.

I still believe that to be true to a certain extent. Our society is programmed to falsely believe that consumption and material goods will bring happiness and fulfillment.

However, clothing is more than functional. And having a sense of style with items that are fresh and elegant doesn’t stop you from being spiritual and non-judgmental.

Also, as I run a studio and promote myself, I must be aware that people do judge you based on how you look. The way you look and clothing reflects your style or lack of style and most importantly it adds to how you FEEL!
The colors you wear also have a huge impact.

Red is sexy and gives you energy. Orange is creative. Yellow gives off a vibration of wisdom and competency. Green and blues and pinks are great to wear to mellow out moods and calm the environment you are in. When working with kids I wear pastel blues because this calms children right away.

Purple and lavender are very healing colors that help soothe yourself and others. Black is protective and is a color that means mastery. White is also protective and gives off purity and newness. Grey is a creative color. Brown is grounding.

I love the metallics like gold and copper which are futuristic and regal and gives off a sense of abundance.
Being conscious of how you feel each morning and what colors will empower you to manifest the highest good for all brings awareness to every action in your day.

One of my good friends Christopher John Lindstrom was recently visiting me and gave me some valuable advice that I took to heart. Sure I had heard what he was saying in different ways a million times before. Sometimes though, you need to hear the advice in a different way, from the right person at exactly the right time for it to really land with you and for you to take action.

So, what exactly did my friend say on that day that really landed for me to be ready to change the way I dress and be open to wear new items, that matched and were viewed as looking good? He said in a simple yet direct order:
“Wear clothes that empower you!” He also said I only need two power outfits. Bam. Sounds simple enough. Do you already have your two power outfits?

So, we went through my closet and 90% was not empowering. Were my items fun, whimsical, creative, had a story to tell? Yes. Were they going to empower me when I go out and promote my business and get clients? No.
So we went through my clothes. We got about two bags for Goodwill in about ten minutes, Bam. Quick, fairly painless and left empty space in my closet.

I still love my old raggedy sweater that makes me feel cozy and warm and reminds of of my talented and amazing cousin Eva when she picked it out for me when we were shopping in Paris a few years ago. I wear it when I’m sipping a cup of Tulsi tea at home or about to draw or paint.

However, if I’m going to a networking event or a place where I’m about to meet a new client I may want to choose one of my two power outfits.
Clothing that:
-makes you feel empowered
-is fresh clean, new (not always but as a general rule) and stylish
-matches and is appropriate for event and weather

This doesn’t have to cost much and often it’s about removing what isn’t working and focusing on wearing your best items. A few staples are a good investment. Awesome black shoes. A black, and/or white, other top of choice. Jeans or pants that match many items that cut you well. For me a scarf you absolutely adore.

I have been told clothing tips my entire life and have heard it all so if this stubborn girl can change her ways you can too. You can always reinvent your style and looking nice doesn’t mean you aren’t an artist or spiritual or that you are superficial. It can be simple. Simplicity is divinity. What it DOES mean is that you love yourself, your body and you know you are worth feeling great as you move and walk down the street. Oh, and lingerie, well that is a whole other blog!

And remember, just like anything this is not black and white and it’s okay to break the rules. Just the other day, I took dance class and wore a leotard with a hole on the side. But damn I felt empowered with that purple shiny leotard so I wore it with a big smile.

In my process of releasing about five bags of attire, one helpful tool has been trusted friends for advice along the way. Have them help you pick outfits that rock if you are a whacky dresser like myself or have no clue what goes with what. And be gentle and patient with yourself. If you are attached to an item and love it even though you haven’t worn it in five years put it in the maybe pile. Wear it in the next week and see how you feel while wearing it? Do you feel amazing? If so then it’s a keeper but remember to not wait another 5 years before wearing it.

Summer is almost here! It is the New Moon! Are you ready for a new you? This next month can you give away a bag of items out of your closet that no longer serve you to those that will actually enjoy them? I have faith in you and know you can do it. You are worth looking stunning and like the glorious Goddess and Divine Male that is your birthright!!! So be it. It is done.

Until the next time and remember to stay WILD!
–Jenn Dinoia

Did you know you are gorgeous?

This week was very challenging for me. I questioned my self-worth, beauty, strength and felt extremely vulnerable.

While muti-tasking in my small bathroom, I turned my head and hit my eyebrow on the wall. It was bleeding bad. All my years teaching young kids that are prone to accidents taught me to stay calm, put pressure on the minor cut and then ice it. A friend was texting me that he was downstairs of my home literally right before I banged my head.

Luckily, he was there to help me through it and reassure me it wasn’t that bad. Or, it was all his fault since I was reading his text as I turned my head! No, I am kidding. Well, maybe half kidding.

My week up until then was very busy and accidents are often a reflection that we are going too fast and not fully present. After the bleeding stopped, I told my friend I was fine. “Oh, I’m fine” was my mantra all week but  deep inside I knew I  knew I was running too fast. I felt like I was running two steps behind all week.

At the time of hitting my eyebrow, I was getting ready for a job interview. I just didn’t have time for this I told myself and kept pushing through my daily chores and responsibilities even though what I desperately needed was some self-love time  and to SLOW down. I teach this over and over to my students but believe  me, even yoga teachers forget to practice mindfulness and self-love. Or at least I did last week. We are all human.

My eye seemed to be fine with a minor cut that would leave a faint scar, But three days later, I awoke with massive swelling on my eyelid that looked like I had been beaten by an angry boyfriend or husband!  I looked like Rocky. No not quite that bad but pretty scarry bad.

I rushed to the hospital and saw two doctors that gave me two opinions. I was worried my eye would not heal and I would look ugly and have permanent damage. One eye wouldn’t fully open and I was like OMG please just make this go away!

So much vanity was kicking in and I was far from practicing self-love affirmations that day. I felt slight panick and fear. The doctors assured me the puffing and swelling would go down but my eye ball also couldn’t fully stretch in all directions as well as the other one.

Both doctors had a different idea of what caused the swelling and what was going on. Shows you that even doctors don’t really have the answers. I guess we all know that but when we are vulnerable and go to the doctor we are hoping that they do have an answer.

As, I write this blog, I was supposed to be in La to visit a guy that I find to be extremely charming and adorable.

My eye was puffy just days before my flight and I did not have the confidence to visit him feeling so ugly. My whole life I was told I have big beautiful eyes. If I don’t have my looks am I worthy to visit him? Aweful to think but yes, I really thought that my face and eyes held my value as a person especially in terms of a new romantic relationship. I thought of former boyfriends who really loved me  one hundred percent. Ugly, pretty, bitchy and with all of your shadows and flaws. Ah, how rare is that?

Remember, true love is precious and not to be dismissed.

I also wondered, “where did all the hours, no years, of working on myself and self-love go?”. Apparently,  it went on vacation this week.  My doubts soared way up. I realized how much value I put on my eyes. Why did I feel my worth to this guy was solely based on my external beauty? Well, society tells us this. Even our friends and family affirm the value of looking good. So, it is a normal reaction but it is not a reaction based in truth. You are more than your external looks and physical capacities.

No, but seriously, I was wise to cancel my trip because a lot of guys would be like, “No I am not kissing what looks like a boxer post match. Please go away!!!”. Ha ha ha.

Now, when you first start seeing someone, you want to look your best of course and feel good on the inside and out. But I just felt like crawling in a hole and not coming out.

I finally was surrendering that I needed to slow down, that my body needed healing and that x, y and z obligation, phone call etc could wait. My well-being was priority number one.

So, I’m not in La as planned and that is ok. In fact, accepting that plans change and to not fight what Ashem has planned for us has been another beautiful lesson this week.

Now that my eye is back to normal, I feel beautiful again. I also see that my sense of internal beauty and value need a lot of work. One day, all of our external beauty will fade with age. Or at least change to another kind of beauty. Not the beauty of youth but to the  beauty of wisdom that shines through our wrinkles and the joys and hardships that life has marked on our bodies. As Carolyn Myss says, our bodies are our biographies.

I see that we all fall and need support getting back up.

I see that I still stumble and make mistakes like we all do. We are all human after all.

I am grateful my vision and eye weren’t seriously hurt and that through this struggle I may help women who face these same insecurities and doubts regain confidence and shine!

Let me tell you in case you haven’t heard it lately:

You are beautiful!

You are strong!

Whatever challenge you are going through now, you will be ok and you will get through this!

Until the next time!

Amd remember to stay WILD!


The Healing Power of Sound

by Jennifer Dinoia

March/April 2015

Last week, I  had the blessing to be in Hawaii, listening to the birds chirp, the wind sway the branches of the coconut trees, the waves in the ocean, the trickling of water from a river, the splashing of waterfalls…

While visiting my friend Lola in Maui we were blessed to be disconnected from city life for the most part. Limited cell reception or internet connection time. I consciously wanted to disconnect from technology.

Every morning, while with Lola and her generous family we practiced Naam mixed in with some Gyrokinesis ( This week I have been particularly digging staying in forward fold pose.

All postures where the head is below the heart allows you to get in touch with the subtle voice of the heart. The mind can be quiet for a moment and surrender to the wisdom that resides in the heart.

As Dr. Levry states, the heart is the city of light. It holds the wisdom to what your soul sings for.

The Wild Woman is whatever makes your soul sing. (see my blog on What is the Wild Woman?). It could be walks in nature, Gyrokinesis, Naam Yoga, taking a bath with essential oils, cooking or let’s not forget the simple act of sitting and breathing and listening to the birds sing!

Practicing silence and listening is “Wild” too. What are the sounds that surround you? We all have our shadows of doubts, fears and insecurities. Sometimes the hectic life with technology, concrete and relationship drama makes these sounds more like a static storm that causes a migraine.

Tap into the sounds of nature when you can and slow down to the art of listening.

Listening has been a skill I have been working on these past few years. Why not start with even just 3 minutes of meditating when you wake up to find your inner calm.

Take time out of your day to walk in nature, even if it’s just your local park. Try and go to the beach with no agenda besides listening to the healing sounds of the waves crashing on the shore. Worst case scenario play sounds from nature before going to sleep to help quiet the mind.

Breathing, or the practice of pranayama, is another powerful tool to calm the mind because the mind follows the breath and the breath follows the mind. There are so many breathing exercises but a simple one to start with is simply observing your breath while lying down. I recommend placing a big, heavy book on your belly so you can observe it rising and falling. Most people breath, shallow breaths in their chests. This rapid, shallow breathing results in stress and anxiety. Deepen your breath and listen to the subtle sound of your breath.

If you can’t lie down with a heavy book on hand, try just observing your breath for 10 cycles. It is a quick and efficient way to find your inner zen and internal nature sounds.

So, I invite you whether you are in the paradise of Hawaii, the hustle and bussle of New York City or Cairo to spend time listening to your environment. If the sounds lack harmony try changing the environment.
The sounds we allow into our brain can either be like an internal massage or a headache.
Breath. Listen and Live in the LIght.
Aloha and remember to stay WILD!
Until the next time,

Sweet Dreams are Made of This

by Jenny Dinoia

When was the last time you woke up feeling refreshed, naturally awake and  recalled your dreams?

A rejuvenating night’s sleep with vivid dreams is something you can cultivate just like your finances, your fitness level and any other area of your life with focus, determination and right action.

I admit I have drank some Nyquil or popped an ambian here and there to make sure I get some needed sleep.

Medications, alcohol, weed and other methods to help you sleep over time will not only become addictive but will not allow you to access your dream life.

Your dreams hold a valuable key to understanding your soul. Natural restful sleep and dreaming is vital to being healthy.

Your dreams are another dimension and world that is as important as your waking state.

Americans have an extremely high rate of sleep disorders and sleep medication subscriptions.

Often it is the  silent elephant in the room regarding your health and life imbalances. It is considered normal to be sleep deprived and chug coffee throughout the day to get you through your morning and afternoon slumps instead of receiving the rest you need.

When is the last time you took a nap after lunch or went to bed when the sun sets?

Yes, some folks can live off of 4 hours and be balanced but on average folks need 7 -9 , sometimes more. The best way to determine how much time you need to sleep is after about a week on vacation to see how long you sleep and get up naturally without an alarm. This is what your body craves.

So how can you make changes to get better sleep?

My philosophy is quite simple. Take out all stimulants from your diet: caffeine and sugar. Secondly, exercise, especially in the morning. Be active throughout daylight hours. Eat light in the evening and turn off all electronics at least 2 hours before sleeping.

I remember when I first took out all caffeine and sugar from my diet I felt so tired and I craved sugar badly. Hang in there. After about 6-8 weeks your adrenals will thank you and you will tap into your natural energy levels.

I am leading a special Full Moon Ceremony on Thursday March 5th where we will focus on how to create a sleep sanctuary.

Your bedroom needs to be a sanctuary designated for sleep and intimacy only. When you bring work, netflix,  facebook, etc into that space your sleep will be affected.

I am a big fan of focusing on what we want and working from the inside out. I pray before I sleep and focus on what I want to dream about. I am lucky to have a very vivid dream world. I invite you, if you do not have a current dream journal practice and want to get in touch with your dreams, to start tonight. Get yourself a journal specifically designated for your dreams and place it right near your bed. Right when you wake up, even if at three in the morning, write down what you remember of your dreams. After a few weeks, read your dream journal and be amazed at the hidden messages, or blatantly obvious messages, that your dreams are whispering to you. Sometimes, we just need to spend some time to listen.

I know we all have many responsibilities and a dream journal practice is time consuming. You don’t have to do it 365 days a year but it is such a valuable tool. I urge you to explore this practice. Please email me at to let me know how your dream journal is going for you.

Until the next time and remember to stay WILD,

Jenn Dinoia

Full Moon Circle: How To Create a Sleep Sanctuary

Thursday March 5th, 7-8:30pm

$10-$20  sliding scale


When was the last time you felt the beach sand between your toes?

Earthing- The most important health discovery ever?

by Jenny Dinoia

Last weekend I had the blessing to take a trip to La to study Naam Yoga and connect with old and new friends.

My favorite part of the trip was during a leisurely stroll along the beach in Santa Monica. The warm sand touching my bare feet left me feeling revitalized and with a deep connection with Source.

We have all felt this innate sense of well-being after a barefoot walk along the beach. Is it merely the beauty that surrounds us? The fact we often do not have an agenda or a cell phone by our ears?

Perhaps, there is actual science behind this feel good sensation.

Yup, there is.

Many of you may be aware of the power of Earthing (when your skin’s surface touches the Earth: sand, grass, dirt, even concrete).

For those who have not heard of the power and science behind Earthing, I highly recommend you check out Earthing by Clint Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra M.D., and Martin Zucker.

Earthing, is so simple, yet also incredibly effective.

Earthing reduces pain and stress by allowing your body to be infused with the Earth’s omni-present and ever present healing energy.

In my last blog, I discussed the healing power of the Sun. Equally important is the healing power from Mother Earth or grounding. Here is a quote from Clint Ober’s book Earthing:

“Exposure to sunlight produces vitamin D in the body. It’s needed for health. Exposure to the ground provides an electrical “nutrient” in the form of electrons. Think of these electrons as vitamin G-G for ground. Just like vitamin D, you need vitamin G for your health as well.”

So, how and why is Earthing so healing?

Earthing basically reduces inflammation in your body because we are electrical beings. The Earth’s surface is negatively charged and when we come into contact with the Earth our bodies become infused with negative-charged free electrons abundantly present on the Earth’s surface. This results in reducing inflammation. Inflammation is one of the qualities found in most disorders.

Earthing helps to reduce and heal:




sexual dysfunction

muscle soreness

blood flow problems and many other dysfunctions.

It also produces a general feeling of well-being.

Now, let’s say you live in a cold climate or do not have access or time to ground daily or regularly. Not to worry.

The Longevity Warehouse sells Earthing mats, sheets (great for travel) and other gadgets so you can receive the benefits of Earthing even when you are inside. (visit for more info)

Now that Spring is approaching take your shoes off as much as possible and get yourself to the beach and take a stroll. It’s extremely healing and doesn’t cost you a penny.

Until the next time and remember to stay WILD!


Live In The Sunshine

by Jenny Dinoia

In Naam Yoga we strive to be like the Sun: to shine bright and be of service regardless of gender, class, age or religion.

There are so many simple and effective tools you can do daily to be like the Sun:  generous, creative, abundant, able to take on big projects and sexy hawt!

For one thing, start your day and have the first thing you look at remind you of the Sun. Perhaps buy sunflowers and place them by your bed stand. Have a picture of a beautiful sunset  by your bathroom mirror and have its beautiful image inspire you as you brush your teeth in the morning.

Some folks are forest people and love to go camping. Some enjoy the desert I hear. Personally, I have always been a beach girl. I grew up spending my summers on the French Riviera playing with my cousins in the Mediterranean sea and laying on the beach all day.

The Sun, in moderation, is not bad for you, as some doctors may claim. Lack of sunshine causes Vitamin D deficiency and depression.

The Sun, when the dose is right, is extremely healing and uplifting. We all know how the warmth of the Sun’s rays on one’s skin feels soothing, relaxing and energizing.

Here are two tools you can start to implement right away to receive the incredible benefits of the Sun.

1)Sun Bath:

A Sun Bath is basically like sun tanning only you stay 10-15 minutes on one side and then flip over and expose the skin of the other side. Ideally you expose the bare skin on the back, especially the spine and the nape of the neck. Do not multi task but simply breathe in the healing rays of the sun and exhale the warmth out. You can add the internal smile image on the exhale as well to the body part of your choice. (to learn more about the internal smile, please read Mantok Chia’s work)

Laying out naked, will give you the maximum benefits, but be practical and even if it’s just your face and hands you still are receiving many benefits.

2) Shaking Exercise ( palms and third eye facing the Sun/sky.)

When I lived in Paris, I literally didn’t see the Sun for months on end. One exercise I would do almost every morning is the shaking exercise.

It is so simple and so effective and is highly effective at fighting seasonal depression.

Go outside before ten am and face your palms to the sky. Shake your whole body. You will receive the light from the sky into your palms and third eye. Even if it’s freezing and other folks look at you like you are very strange, keep shaking for 1-5 minutes. By the end, I guarantee you will feel more uplifted and full of light.

We all know how the weather changes our disposition. We all feel happier when the weather is pleasant out and can understand getting winter blues from time to time.

The secret to working with the Sun is to remember to work with it even when it is grey outside. The Sun may be invisible to the naked eye but its warmth and loving touch is just as potent as the love of a long distant friend. Even though you can not see your friend or the Sun, their love/benefits are still there. It is precisely during the Winter months that you must be more diligent in working with the healing power of the Sun.

As Spring approaches and the days get longer, spend time working with the Sun. It is a simple and powerful tool available to every man, woman and child to heal and thrive.

Until the next time and remember to stay WILD.



To read more about Mastering the Invisible Sunlight Fluid for Healing and Spiritual Growth please read

The Healing Fire of Heaven by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry available at

Stay tuned for my next blog next week where I talk about the most important health discovery yet: Earthing

Come On Baby Light My Fire

by Jenny Dinoia


Lately with the cold evenings, I have been making fires with family and friends and enjoying the simple pleasures of watching the miracle of the flames dancing wildly in my fireplace.

You put old paper, pieces of wood, and voila, fierce flames magically appear in glorious shapes and colors. Fierey flames in bright oranges, specks of blue, fierce whites, deep ambers, bright yellows… all amaze my eyes with their beauty and aliveness.

The flames mingle and crackle. The remnants of the wood glow like lava.

There is a transformation: something becomes fire and heat and then becomes smoke and goes up into the sky beyond the beyond.

Fire is also constructive. It generates light, warmth and beauty.

Fire in excess however is also deeply destructive. It can destroy homes, entire villages and forests. Destruction and death allows room for birth and space for the new. Fire is a great metaphor for the release of what didn’t serve you in 2014 and the opportunity to usher in the birth of the new in 2015.

Fire allows us to see the possibility of freshness and possibilities for the year to come.

Let us give ourselves permission to let go and release, both physically and emotionally, that which does not serve us and welcome new adventure, friendships, love, vitality and peace for 2015!

Fire, according to Divine Spiritual Wisdom, is a reflection of the Sun and the Father/Male energy. In excess, it brings anger. However, with the right balance, it gives you energy to get a great deal accomplished, be magnetic, loyal, and love  yourself and others.

Fire is a Wild element. It is not by its nature a tame force. Let us harness the amazing power of Fire in the New Year to harness the divine fire of love n our hearts, warmth and the ability to transform into our most authentic selves for the highest good of all.

Until the next time and remember to stay WILD!