1 session: $85 for Yoga and Gyrotonic (packages available)

1 session: $125 for Harmonyum Bodywork (packages available)

sessions last 55 minutes

GYROTONIC: (please visit the GYROTONIC page to learn more about this movement modality)

NAAM Yoga is the science of sound and light to uplift and heal and bring man to universal harmony.
It is the science of self-healing. When there is health, there is rhythm. Where there is disease there is disharmony. We can bring harmony and health to the body, mind and soul through the activation of the healing fire of unconditional love and a harmonious rhythm from the cellular body. In NAAM yoga we chant and repeat the names of G.d in many languages. NAAM yoga has kriyas to help specific issues such as opening the heart center and healing the thyroid. We move and stretch the body, do pranayama and chant in each class. A private session focuses on specific mudras, mantras and affirmations and behavior changes to tap into your highest potential.

Specific movements, mudras, and mantras will be introduced to suit your needs. Using the tools of Naam Yoga and Yoga Therapeutics we will address your patterns and find what works best for you. Private sessions are a great way to build your home yoga practice or meditation practice. Perfect for those that can’t make it to class or are dealing with injuries.

Naam Yoga is the way of the heart. It is a complete self-healing science that restores the flow of vital energy throughout the entire body while revitalizing the brain to its full operating capacity. Naam Yoga joyously works with sound current (seed sounds and mantra), breathing exercises, simple movements and hand gestures (mudras) to balance the mind, develop consciousness, and align the heart.


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  • 24 Hour Cancellation Policy.
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  • all levels are welcome.

Healing Harmonyum Bodywork

The Splendor of Harmonyum Healing (click to read full blog)

I have been a Harmonyum Practitioner Since 2010. I have resisted writing about Harmonyum because it is hard to put the right words down on paper that give this healing system the justice it deserves. The system is also the closest thing to magic I have ever experienced.


“Harmonyum Healing is a beautiful healing practice. It brought me to a place of ease and peace in my body and in my life. And I always got off the table feeling a sense of pure joy, an amazing sensation. Jenn is an absolutely wonderful practitioner. She is very warm, kind, and extremely knowledgable. Sessions with her are truly life changing.”
–Kara Reagan

“My Harmonyum sessions with Jenn were my first experience with the practice. I was actually a little skeptical at first but was interested in finding something that would help me relax so I gave it a shot. I was amazed at the results! Jenn is clearly great at what she does and I ended up more relaxed and refreshed than I could have imagined. Although during the sessions I am fully awake, my mind goes blank–my worries and concerns just melt away. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to relax, center themselves and calm their mind.”
–Matteas Hawkins

E-mail: or call Jenny at 1-917-450-0733 to schedule your session.