Upcoming Events and Workshops

Upcoming Events:


Vision Board Making Workshop with Jenny


Sunday January 20th from 2-4 pm

Cost: $40

$5 off when you bring a friend

Where: West Hollywood

To register and secure your spot and receive location details please paypal your payment to:

angiepearl17@gmail.com and call 917-450-0733 or e-mail us at: theyogaroomsf.com


Jenny has been facilitating Vision Board Making Workshops for over four years. This workshop is worth far more than $45 as it helps you achieve your goals and dreams. These boards are proven to help you manifest what you put on them if you use them using the tips I will share.

What we focus on expands. It is a law of the Universe. As you look at the clear images and phrases on your vision board daily your thoughts, beliefs and actions will propel you to achieve them in 2019.




3 Part Wayne Dyer Workshop with Jenny



Last 3 Sundays in February (February 7, 14, 24) from 2-3 pm

Part 1: The Power of Intention

Part 2: 10 Keys for Success

Part 3: Living the Lessons of The Tao

Cost: Only $16 each or $43 for the full series when paid in advance