Do you wear clothes that empower you?

Happy New Moon!

Today you are going to hear something that some of you learned before you could walk or even remember. While others, like myself, just recently started implementing these tools. While still others will learn even later in life, if ever. This has been my most recent aha moment and even though we may “know” something for decades, it sometimes takes that tipping point before you actually make changes in your life.

How many of you have closets full of items you never wear or haven’t worn in years? How many of you leave the house looking less than stunning, feeling just average? How many of you do not pay attention to the clothes you wear, the colors you wear and the image you are sending to your communities?

“Ah, I don’t care about that. I don’t have time. I’m too busy living my busy life for that. Those concerns are for superficial folks focused on material things and I don’t judge people by how people dress.” That used to be my attitude.

I knew I looked better, by most people’s standards, when I wore make-up, put a cute dress and heels on etc. I knew when I wore new, matching clothes I received more respect at stores etc..

I, like many SF folks grew up where looking “polished” and put together was never a focus. I have often been told I should dress better or get rid of that old blablabla, or wow you look so pretty in a dress. I thought they were being silly and superficial and that as long as the functionality was there i.e.: the sweater kept me warm, it didn’t matter if it had holes and a stain.

I still believe that to be true to a certain extent. Our society is programmed to falsely believe that consumption and material goods will bring happiness and fulfillment.

However, clothing is more than functional. And having a sense of style with items that are fresh and elegant doesn’t stop you from being spiritual and non-judgmental.

Also, as I run a studio and promote myself, I must be aware that people do judge you based on how you look. The way you look and clothing reflects your style or lack of style and most importantly it adds to how you FEEL!
The colors you wear also have a huge impact.

Red is sexy and gives you energy. Orange is creative. Yellow gives off a vibration of wisdom and competency. Green and blues and pinks are great to wear to mellow out moods and calm the environment you are in. When working with kids I wear pastel blues because this calms children right away.

Purple and lavender are very healing colors that help soothe yourself and others. Black is protective and is a color that means mastery. White is also protective and gives off purity and newness. Grey is a creative color. Brown is grounding.

I love the metallics like gold and copper which are futuristic and regal and gives off a sense of abundance.
Being conscious of how you feel each morning and what colors will empower you to manifest the highest good for all brings awareness to every action in your day.

One of my good friends Christopher John Lindstrom was recently visiting me and gave me some valuable advice that I took to heart. Sure I had heard what he was saying in different ways a million times before. Sometimes though, you need to hear the advice in a different way, from the right person at exactly the right time for it to really land with you and for you to take action.

So, what exactly did my friend say on that day that really landed for me to be ready to change the way I dress and be open to wear new items, that matched and were viewed as looking good? He said in a simple yet direct order:
“Wear clothes that empower you!” He also said I only need two power outfits. Bam. Sounds simple enough. Do you already have your two power outfits?

So, we went through my closet and 90% was not empowering. Were my items fun, whimsical, creative, had a story to tell? Yes. Were they going to empower me when I go out and promote my business and get clients? No.
So we went through my clothes. We got about two bags for Goodwill in about ten minutes, Bam. Quick, fairly painless and left empty space in my closet.

I still love my old raggedy sweater that makes me feel cozy and warm and reminds of of my talented and amazing cousin Eva when she picked it out for me when we were shopping in Paris a few years ago. I wear it when I’m sipping a cup of Tulsi tea at home or about to draw or paint.

However, if I’m going to a networking event or a place where I’m about to meet a new client I may want to choose one of my two power outfits.
Clothing that:
-makes you feel empowered
-is fresh clean, new (not always but as a general rule) and stylish
-matches and is appropriate for event and weather

This doesn’t have to cost much and often it’s about removing what isn’t working and focusing on wearing your best items. A few staples are a good investment. Awesome black shoes. A black, and/or white, other top of choice. Jeans or pants that match many items that cut you well. For me a scarf you absolutely adore.

I have been told clothing tips my entire life and have heard it all so if this stubborn girl can change her ways you can too. You can always reinvent your style and looking nice doesn’t mean you aren’t an artist or spiritual or that you are superficial. It can be simple. Simplicity is divinity. What it DOES mean is that you love yourself, your body and you know you are worth feeling great as you move and walk down the street. Oh, and lingerie, well that is a whole other blog!

And remember, just like anything this is not black and white and it’s okay to break the rules. Just the other day, I took dance class and wore a leotard with a hole on the side. But damn I felt empowered with that purple shiny leotard so I wore it with a big smile.

In my process of releasing about five bags of attire, one helpful tool has been trusted friends for advice along the way. Have them help you pick outfits that rock if you are a whacky dresser like myself or have no clue what goes with what. And be gentle and patient with yourself. If you are attached to an item and love it even though you haven’t worn it in five years put it in the maybe pile. Wear it in the next week and see how you feel while wearing it? Do you feel amazing? If so then it’s a keeper but remember to not wait another 5 years before wearing it.

Summer is almost here! It is the New Moon! Are you ready for a new you? This next month can you give away a bag of items out of your closet that no longer serve you to those that will actually enjoy them? I have faith in you and know you can do it. You are worth looking stunning and like the glorious Goddess and Divine Male that is your birthright!!! So be it. It is done.

Until the next time and remember to stay WILD!
–Jenn Dinoia

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